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The Software Artists: Citations for Part Two

Citations for the section “Pedagogy and Practice in
Software and in Guitar”

Some of Joel Spolsky's writing about working with young
software creators is at these links:

Thoughtworks University had been called “Thoughtworks Boot
Camp” until the author had to explain the term upon crossing an
international border in 2005. A description of Thoughtworks
University is here:

Some representative citations from IEEE publications about poor
software education are:

The citation from CrossTalk is here: erg.html

Samples of the discussion of the apprentice/journeyman/master
model in software are at these links: o

Of particular interest is Dave Hoover's account of hearing Bob
Martin's presentation at Agile2007:

The developers at Atomic Object also believe that software is a

Brian Marick's blog post about skill, discipline, ease, and joy is

This interview with Robert Fripp was very helpful:

Eric Tamm's biography of Robert Fripp has a wealth of
information. Chapters 10 an 11 concern Guitar Craft, and were
very helpful:

The Guitar Craft website is
The site behaves oddly sometimes though, so a direct link to “A
Preface to Guitar Craft is here:

A number of Robert Fripp quotes are here:

The description of Bob Martin's ideas of “professionalism” come
from the abstract of his presentation at Agile2007: