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SOAP + Basic Authentication in Ruby

Do you need to do SOAP in Ruby? First of all, install the latest version of Ruby you can stand. (I'm using this one . What the heck. I'm giving the laptop back in a few hours.) That's a fine thing, but you can't do Basic Authentication yet. You need to install a net/http that understands Basic Authentication. Ready to go? Not quite. The version of SOAP4R you have doesn't handle arguments to web services correctly. You need to install the latest SOAP4R to get your arguments handled right. Now you're ready. You might get an extraneous error message "ignored attr: {}mixed" but it probably won't affect your ability to do the job. Many many thanks to Emil Marceta for walking me through the process . Two things: 1) Perl's SOAP::Lite does this out of the box. 2) The Pickaxe dismisses SOAP pretty perfunctorily, but the beauty of SOAP is that it is (should be) very very easy for the client, using existing libraries. What would it take to put

No basic authentication in Ruby SOAP library?

The closest I've seen is this post but it's still not quite the right thing. What I really want is for soap = to accept a user/password and do basic authentication for me, but I don't see a way to make it happen. Leave a comment if you have an idea... -Chris