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"agile" "backlash"

Jonathan Kohl has a wonderful essay about the zeitgeist as it relates to A/a/gile software development. Maybe it's because I only started making a living with software in my 30s (after being a bass player, librarian, and bartender); maybe it's because when I started, I was working on venerable systems (US 911 data-validation systems written in COBOL and C) created and maintained by smart, engaged people, but things like this don't make any sense to me: "...companies being torn apart from within as factions rage against each other, grappling for methodology dominance..." "...berated for not knowing the Agile lingo, and being belittled as "waterfall", and "backward" when they would ask innocent questions." Jonathan assures me that this sort of thing goes on. Craziness. I have to leave this business aside, though, because, while it's interesting, it doesn't affect the price of eggs in China. The meat of Jonathan's es