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My Remote Retrospective Process

Possibly the most important aspect of an agile process is the retrospective. A retrospective usually happens in a team meeting, generally at the end of every agile iteration or sprint. While there are any number of ways to run retrospectives, the object is to discuss three questions:      What is working well?      What is not working well?      What should we change? The first question tends to be the easiest to answer, and it is tempting to just skip it, but that is dangerous. It is every bit as important to celebrate the team's success as it is to grapple with the team's issues and problems. Positive reinforcement is more powerful than negative reinforcement. The second question also tends to be easy to answer in teams where the members feel safe to discuss work honestly. It is important to surface problems so that the whole team is aware of the current issues and why those issues affect the work. The third question tends to be hard to answer. There is a