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Who I am and where I am, March 2013

I am the QA Lead for the  Wikimedia Foundation   I test Wikipedia .  My one year anniversary was in January.  I do exploratory testing and I do browser test automation with my colleague  Ċ½eljko Filipin .  I have a strong interest right now in community testing of all kinds. I'll be talking about testing Wikipedia at some conferences soon: GTAC April 23-24, NYC Telerik Test Summit May 3-4, Austin TX Wikimedia Hackathon May 24-26, Amsterdam Agile2013  (pending acceptance) Aug 4-10, Nashville TN I used to write about software a lot:   (warning: registration wall),   and a couple of articles  for   PragPub .   I wrote a chapter for  Beautiful Testing . For many years I have been telecommuting from Durango CO where I created and hosted the Writing About Testing peer conference .  WAT is unlikely to happen again. I am on my way out of Durango, but I will continue to telecommute.  In the coming months you might also find me n