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data-driven test framework with Socialtext wiki as repository

Socialtext has a tradition of having " Wiki Wednesday " once a month, where people hack little wiki-related projects. I had a little Wiki Wednesday myself today. Socialtext wikis have a very nice (and not very well documented ) REST API. I've been figuring out to use this API in Ruby. I got to the point today where I could read and write pages to the wiki, so I hacked up a little framework using Watir that reads test data from one page and updates another page with the results of the tests. Wiki markup makes parsing the data really easy, and the REST API makes updating pages really easy. @test_data_page looks like | Google Test | Google | Google Search | I'm Feeling Lucky | This displays as a table in the wiki. It's in dire need of some refactoring. Reading pages with more than one line of test data is left as an exercise for the reader. :-) If you want to muck around with it yourself, you could get a free account from socialtext , or try the open source v