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Using API Clients in the Service of End to End Tests

It often happens that someone creating automated testing programs using Selenium or a similar framework that controls the UI (User Interface) eventually finds it necessary to address a non-Selenium API (Application Programming Interface) of some sort. You might need to create, update, or delete test data. You might need to modify a system setting. You might need to determine the current state of the system. You might need to have your test send or receive a signal from some other part of the deployment process. Often the only way to do these things is through use of an API. API Defined An API is a relationship between a client and a server. The server controls some aspect of the system, and the client wants to see or change some aspect of the system that the server controls. Selenium-webdriver itself operates as an API. The server for the Selenium API is called WebDriver, and WebDriver exists only on the browsers that Selenium is automating. Your script controls the Selenium client tha