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not about testing: a bit of writing

I've been neglecting my blog, mostly because I have been doing a whole lot of professional freelance writing on the subject of software dev and test, and really enjoying it a lot. A few months ago I also submitted a piece to the Mountain Gazette , one of my favorite magazines, available for free around the West. They always publish really good writing. Mountain Gazette was soliciting pieces on the subject "My Favorite Mountain". To their surprise, they got more than 200 submissions, of which they could only publish 11. I submitted a piece, it was rejected, but I don't mind, I've been reading the issue, and there are some really great essays. So since it isn't going to appear anywhere else, I figured I would publish it here: ---- I don't have very far to go to get to my favorite mountain. I go out my front door and take a right, and I walk about a mile through my neighborhood of mostly middle-class houses, some Victorian, some like mine vintage 1930