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Just Fix It

On the writing-about-testing mail list recently was a discussion of defect tracking.  Given a good enough code base and a mature dev team, I think defect tracking is mostly unnecessary, and it's worth talking about why that is.  Some time ago there was a popular meme in the agile testing community that goes "Just Fix It", but I haven't heard it mentioned in some time, and I think it's worth reviving the discussion.  The idea behind Just Fix It is to bypass the overhead of creating a defect report, having those defect reports go through some sort of triage process, and only then addressing the problems themselves represented by the defect reports.  You save a lot of time and overhead if you Just Fix It.  For some time now I have specialized in testing at the UI, a combination of functional testing and UX work.  In my experience, in a good code base, important defects found at the UI level are almost always what I think of as "last mile" issues, where