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open testing Wikipedia mail list (and miagi-do)

For anyone interested in helping to test the software the runs Wikipedia, we have a new mail list dedicated to exactly that topic. The mail list is not even a month old, so the archives are pretty readable .     If you're interested, you can sign up here . Let me expand on what I mean by "open testing" and by "interested".  At any given time, there are dozens of software development projects (at least) in progress in support of Wikipedia.  Some of these projects are for particular niches in the Wikipedia universe, but others are expensive, high-profile, in some cases world-changing. Every one of these projects needs more testing than it gets. So if you want to spend an hour looking for bugs in a Wikipedia feature under development, that's great.  We at the Wikimedia Foundation have worked with Weekend Testing Americas and other organizations on several occasions to do exactly that. But would you like to help design every aspect of the ongoing test