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proposed: peer conference "Writing About Testing"

It seems like there is more demand than ever among the technical publications for information about software testing. Experience reports, theoretical pieces, tool documentation, all seem to be in great demand right now. At the same time, I think the overall quality of what I've been reading about testing is declining, as people rush to meet that demand without adequate preparation or knowledge. I'm interested enough to do the legwork to host such a peer conference, assuming the potential participants were willing to come to Durango. If not, I'd be willing to travel to attend such a conference, and to help facilitate, promote, or whatever is needed to bring it off. I envision soliciting participation from two groups: established writers with a history of publication with outlets like SQE, STP, InformIT, O'Reilly, etc. etc.; and also new voices looking to start writing for these sorts of publishers (I very much hope that there really are new voices writing about test