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A community test event: mojibake and meaning

UPDATE 28 January the official announcement on the WMF blog . The Wikimedia Foundation is developing new editing software for Wikipedia.  For the first time in history we intend to have a native rich text WYSIWYG editor for the Mediawiki engine that does not require users to know wiki markup syntax in order to create and edit articles on Wikipedia.  Right now the Foundation needs help testing this editor, and we invite you to participate. We have a suite of automated tests for the editor that is capable of checking the contents of existing articles, loading them into VisualEditor, saving the article, and checking that no information has been lost in the round-trip saving operation.  We are confident that the editor is robust enough to load and save any given content on the English Wikipedia.  What is not clear is whether VisualEditor is robust enough to preserve information after that information has been altered:  additions, changes, deletions, other manipulations of the con