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SOAP testing the Enterprisey way

Today I found an article about SOA testing at Wells Fargo . What a mess. It's hard to read, but make your way to the end of the article where it describes Wells Fargo's SOA testing tools setup. Here's my un-Enterprisey answer: Instead of SOAPScope, use soapui . Unlike proprietary SOAPScope, soapui is free and open-source, and as Mike Kelly pointed out , soapui works where SOAPScope fails. soapui is fantastic for exploring WSDLs, but I wouldn't necessarily use it as a test driver. I use Ruby's soap4r and http-access2 libraries to drive tests . And, instead of Mercury TestDirector ($$$$$$$$$$$), I find that a combination of Ruby's test/unit features and a nice source-code repository give me all of the features that Wells Fargo gets from TestDirector. Super reliable, super simple, super understandable, low overhead and zero cost. Then they mention "Integra Enterprise from Solstice Software" which seems to parse log files and handle HTTPS (no big de