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Open letter to "CDT Test Automation" reviewers

To: Tim Western Alan Page Keith Klain Ben Simo Paul Holland Alan Richardson Christin Wiedemann Albert Gareev Noah Sussman Joseph Quaratella Apropos of my criticism of "Context Driven Approach to Automation in Testing" (I reviewed version 1.04), I ask you to join me in condemning publicly both the tone and the substance of that paper. If you do support the paper, I ask you to do so publicly. And regardless of your view, I request that you ask the authors of the paper bearing your names to remove that paper from public view as well as to remove the copy that Keith Klain hosts here .  For the reasons I pointed out, this paper is an impediment to reasonable discussion and it has no place in the modern discourse about test automation.

Open letter to the Association for Software Testing

To the Association for Software Testing: Considering the discussion in the software testing community with regard to my blog post " Test is a Ghetto ", I ask the Board of the AST   to release a statement regarding the relationship of the AST with Keith Klain and Per Scholas, particularly in regard to the lawsuit for fraud filed by Doran Jones (PDF download link) . The AST has a Code of Ethics   and I also ask the AST Board to release a public statement on whether the AST would consider creating an Ethics Committee similar to, or as a part of the recently created Committee on Standards and Professional Practices . The yearly election for the Board of the AST happens in just a few weeks , and I hope that the candidates for the Board and the voting members of the Association for Software Testing will consider these requests with the gravity they deserve.