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Wikimedia Foundation hiring QA staff

The Wikimedia Foundation currently has two open positions for QA staff.  One is for a QA Engineer and the other for a Volunteer QA Coordinator .  I want to point out what a unique opportunity this is. Before I was hired at WMF four months ago as "QA Lead", there had never been anyone working on the Wikipedias and related projects whose only focus was testing and quality.  There was no UI test automation, there was no program of community testing.   Actually, there still isn't.  That's where these new staff come in.  No exaggeration:  this is an opportunity to create from scratch the quality and testing practices for one of the great achievements in human history.  But WMF only has about 100 staff, and only about half of those are technical.  At the moment, there are about 50 regular contributors to WMF software (and millions and millions of users!), so this QA staff will be outnumbered and outgunned.  So we need help, both from automation and from a community of peop