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TOAD FTW! Evaluating a Test Suite: A TOAD Thought Experiment

TOAD is Testing Observability AND DevOps The AND is important! Disclaimer: In my career I have done most of the things I describe below, but never tied them all into one project. The following should be possible: Testing a System Suppose we have a software system of reasonable complexity. Suppose our system is comprised of a front end with a user interface (UI) and a back end, thus a client and a server. The front end and the back end communicate via an application programming interface (API) of some sort. This is a common architecture of many software systems. Suppose further that our front end and our back end are well-designed. They have unit tests, and meet whatever definition of quality you would want to apply. Because our system is reasonably complex, we want to have a suite of end-to-end tests that exercises the entire software-and-data stack,  that demonstrates that the users can do the things they need to do, and that the front end and the back end ar