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take responsibility for UX

I am really starting to dislike the term "User Experience", but I'll get back to that. In the mid-90s I was a bass player in the acoustic music scene in the South, living in Atlanta. If you happen to know Atlanta, to give you some perspective, my band opened New Years Eve at Eddie's Attic in 1994, and headlined New Years Eve in 1995 and 1996. Eddie's Attic was and still is one of the most important and influential clubs on the acoustic music circuit in the South. Also on that circuit is a club in Nashville called The Bluebird Cafe. The Bluebird is interesting because it enforces a strict no-talking policy. If you talk to your companions at all during a performance at the Bluebird, you are asked to leave the room. At one time back in the 90s there was an intense discussion among people on the acoustic music scene as to whether Eddie's should implement a no-talking policy like the Bluebird's. As far as I could tell, the musicians who advocated the most

Writing About Testing list/conf update

The writing-about-testing mail list began in September 2009, and has already played a part in a remarkable number of achievements: The following writers appeared in print for the first time or contracted to be published in print for the first time: Abby Fichtner Dawn Cannan Catherine Powell Lanette Creamer Parimala Shankaraiah Lanette Creamer and Matt Heusser collaborated on an article about test automation in waterfall and agile projects. Alan Page, Matt Heusser, and Marlena Compton published the "Code Coverage Cage Match" collaboration. Matt Heusser started a book project "Testers at Work". Adam Goucher signed a contract for a book on Selenium. Fiona Charles edited the Women of Influence issue of Software Test and Performance, with contributions from many list members. Yvette Francino landed an editorial position at SearchSoftwar