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conf report: Test Automation Bazaar

I went to the Test Automation Bazaar because one of the (many) things I want to do at Wikimedia Foundation is to start a browser test automation project, open to the greater software testing community, in support of Wikipedia and related projects.  I have been out of the loop on this front (forgive the mixed metaphor) for some time, and I particularly wanted to learn about two things: * what an attractive, modern, well-designed browser test automation framework looks like * page objects and their use I got what I came for.  Particular thanks to  Brahma Ghosh and Jeff Morgan/Cheezy for the great discussion.  I am putting on the white belt for this project, but at the same time, I have years of valuable UI test design experience to bring to bear. But beyond that, TAB was full of friends, many of whom I had never met.  Kudos to Bret Pettichord for making it happen, I wish we'd had more time to chat, I've known Bret longer than anyone else there, through some weird times back in t