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Watir is What You Use Instead When Local Conditions Make Automated Browser Testing Otherwise Difficult.

I spent last weekend in Toronto talking to Titus Fortner , Jeff "Cheezy" Morgan , Bret Pettichord , and a number of other experts involved with the Watir project. There are a few things you should know: The primary audience and target user group for Watir is people who use programming languages other than Ruby, and also people who do little or no programming at all. Let's say that again: The most important audience for Watir is not Ruby programmers  Let's talk about "local conditions": it may be that the language in which you work does not support Selenium I have been involved with Watir since the very beginning, but I started using modern Watir with the Wikimedia Foundation to test Wikipedia software. The main language of Wikipedia is PHP, in which Selenium is not fully supported, and in which automated testing in general is difficult. Watir/Ruby was a great choice to do browser testing.  At the time we started the project, there were no seleni