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Recipe for a healthy QA/test relationship with the rest of the org (TOAD!)

Like any recipe, you can tweak this for your own situation. First, you need a shared test environment to work in. I recommend beginning with a persistent test environment intended to model your production environment as closely as possible. While you may eventually evolve the ability to share a test environment with commonly-configured VMs or containers, having a persistent shared test environment at the beginning gives everyone the experience of keeping something running that looks a lot like the production system. (TOAD! DevOps!) For that matter, proper use of feature flags and such could make production itself a perfectly fine shared test environment. Sharing the responsibility of keeping the shared test environment up and running and valuable is a big part of understanding the value of the recipe. Second, you need some end-to-end tests (Testing!) to run against the shared test environment. You need to set up test data, tear down test data, type the typies and click the clickies