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The Software Artists: Citations for Part One

Many of the ideas in this paper were first presented at the Austin
Workshop on Test Automation in early 2007. The substance of
the talks appeared on the author's blog shortly afterward: discipline-larks-tongues-in.html

Most of the New Criticism and Structuralist citations are from
Wikipedia, except:
Child Jr., William C. 2000 Monroe Beardsley's Three Criteria for
Aesthetic Value: A Neglected Resource in the Evaluation of
Recent Music. Journal of Aesthetic Education, Vol 34, No. 2
(Summer 2000), pp 49-63 doi:10.2307/3333576
The author did not know that unity/variety/intensity had been first
presented in music criticism until reading this article.

The author also referred to
Adams, Hazard, Searle, Leroy (eds.) 1986 Critical Theory Since
1965 University Presses of Florida/Florida State University Press
for background information.

Bruce Schneier on “security theater”: html