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giving a talk at Agile2013

So I'm giving a talk next week at the Agile2013 Conference about "radically open software testing".  It's about my experience over the last eighteen months or so founding and maintaining the QA/testing practice for the Wikimedia Foundation, the good folks who keep the lights on at Wikipedia.

I've done some little peer conferences, but I haven't presented at or even attended a big conference like Agile2013 since I talked about browser test design at Agile2009 in Chicago.  That worked out pretty well, at least Dave Haeffner liked it.  I know a little more about the subject since I gave that presentation also.

I think my presentation might be unusual.  I have nothing to sell.  I have no particular agenda to advance, except to encourage people to contribute to Wikipedia.  I intend to talk about some notable failures too.  What I'll be discussing isn't even particularly "agile", for whatever value the word "agile" has today any more.

I don't even have any slides.  I started making some, but they worked a lot better as high points or an outline for a long conversation than actual nuggets of useful information.  What if I met Tufte some day?  I'd rather just have a conversation and do demos.  Examples still come in handy.

So if you're in Nashville and interested in QA, testing, open software, free knowledge, ukulele, whatever, stop in for the conversation.