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Weekend Testing - Wikipedia Test Event Apr 6

Wikipedia is improving the new user experience.

Wikipedia is developing a new way to create accounts on Wikipedia and a new experience for new users when logging in.

Weekend Testing Americas has an online test event on the first Saturday of every month 10AM-1PM Pacific time (17:00-20:00 UTC).

 On April 6 WTA will be testing account creation, login, and the new user experience for Wikipedia . Justin Rohrman will facilitate.

 If you'd like to join this Saturday:

  • Send a message on Skype to weekendtestersamericas 
  • Join #wikimedia-dev on freenode on IRC 
  • Read over the Test Plan 
  • Test! 

 (If you can't attend the Weekend Testing session but you are interested in QA for Wikipedia, we have public QA events ranging from bug triage to Cucumber development every week.)