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Who I Am and Where I Am, early 2012

I've been pretty quiet in recent times, but that's going to change somewhat in 2012, so I thought I'd write this(*) to catch up.

As of last week, I am the QA Lead for the Wikimedia Foundation. My job there will be to create, codify, and execute the software testing and quality assurance regimes for the software that powers Wikipedia and its associated properties.

I've worked some other interesting places, among them Thoughtworks and Socialtext. I like open source and wikis. I have been a dedicated telecommuter/remote worker since 2006. Depending on when you read this, I'm in either Santa Fe NM or Durango CO, or somewhere else.

I have written about software a lot. Most of my writing in recent times has been for  (warning: registration wall), but I've also written a lot for  and a couple of articles for PragPub.   I wrote a chapter for Beautiful Testing.

I created the Writing About Testing peer conference and associated mail list and wiki. I like to think WAT has had some influence on the testing/QA field over the last couple of years. I've given presentations at a couple of Agile conferences, once at PNSQC, a couple of AWTAs, and some smaller peer conferences from time to time. I attended two GTACs.

I've been using browser automation tools (Selenium  and Watir) since they existed. I know a lot about their history and something about how to use them well. As a programmer I am slow and simple. What programming I do is usually in Ruby.

I play fretless electric bass guitar with a couple of jazz bands, but outside of the WAT conference I'm more well known for playing irreverent tunes on a cheap green ukulele at software conferences.  I'm a pretty good musician.

I'm @chris_mcmahon on Twitter, christopher.mcmahon at gmail and gplus. I ignore LinkedIn and I don't have a Facebook page, don't try to reach me there.

* props to Warren Ellis, from whom I stole the idea of this post.