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fine tools and beautiful machines

My new laptop for work arrived yesterday, and I've been spending the day getting it set up:

I've used Windows machines at work for my whole career, but I've always had Macs at home. It's going to be a real pleasure to use a Mac for work.

I had a birthday recently, and my wife completely surprised me with one of these, an Ibanez AG86:

It was on the wall at the local music store, and I would pull it down and play it every time I went in. A really well-made guitar, a pleasure to play, and a good value. Guitar is not my main instrument, but I've been motivated to try to cop a few Wes Montgomery tricks.

This computer and this guitar are both fine tools and are both beautiful machines. There is a time in every student's career when they have mastered enough skills that an excellent set of tools is required in order to advance. This seems to be that time.