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Austin Workshop on Test Automation invites start

A few days ago Bret Pettichord announced the call for participation in the Austin Workshop on Test Automation. The theme this time is "Open Source Testing Frameworks".

I attended the last one of these two years ago, and it was very fine. I'm helping organize it this year.

One of the things about this conference that I think is really important is that it actively seeks apprentice/journeyman practitioners, and not just experts and beginners. This means that everyone there is actively looking for answers and questioning the state of the practice. If you think it's a good idea but you're doing something other than Ruby/Watir/Selenium, please consider attending. Diversity is good.

We've already received some really great proposals and issued some invitations to some fine people. If you're on the fence, please consider that the conference may run out of room, so the earlier you send your letter of introduction, the nicer it is for all concerned.

If you have any questions, please drop an email or leave a comment.