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Internet Explorer Basic Authorization vs iFrame is just wrong and stupid

UPDATE October 2009: it seems Angrez has added support for Basic Auth to a fork and it should hit the main Watir distro RSN. News will be here. Good things come...

So I wanted to bypass the 401 Authorization Required screen that IE kicks up without resorting to actually having to manipulate the popup. So I hacked Watir's goto() method, which works great:

def goto(url)
@ie.navigate(url,nil,nil,nil,"Authorization: Basic AbdXyz46bG1ubw==\n")
sleep 0.2
return @down_load_time

I know I can get away with this because the user/password on the test systems are never going to change, and even if they do, it's an easy script change.

The trouble is that the main page has an iFrame, and for some reason, when called from a script, stupid IE won't use Basic Authorization credentials to request the iFrame.

So now I'm getting the authorization popup when IE tries to load the iFrame contents. The main page is loading fine.

Deeply frustrating.

And stupid.