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Scripting fun

I have a new-ish laptop and I haven't bothered to install unixtools or cygwin on it. (I had a bad experience with Cygwin some time ago).

I needed to grep around in the C# source code directory for stuff. Windows Search didn't do the Right Thing, and TextPad file search gave me memory errors. So I wrote a little script in Ruby to root around in the source code for stuff. Maybe it'll be useful for someone (sorry about the lack of indentation, that's left as an exercise for the reader) :

require "find"
Find.find("../interesting/directory") do |f|
# Find.prune if f =~ /Design/
# Find.prune if f =~ /UnitTest/

if f =~ /cs/
x =
while line = x.gets
if line =~ /stuffImLookingFor/i
puts f
puts line
end #if
end #while
end #if

end #do