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Teaching the Scripting For Testers class

SQE (the stickyminds people) have announced the schedule for the STAREast conference, and I'll be teaching the Scripting for Testers tutorial on May 16, almost certainly with my colleague Dave Hoover.

I'm really looking forward to working with Dave. Not only is he a better programmer than me, but we share an interest in teaching, and in working with (and in being) beginners on the way to being experts.

Brian Marick
and Bret Pettichord started the class in 2003, and this tutorial was a major contributor to the existence of the Watir test framework, to which I've contributed a bit of work. This tutorial will be the first since 2004 not taught by Bret (and the first ever not taught by one of the two of them, as far as any of us know).

It's a good class, and some great people have been a part of teaching it in the past. I'm hoping that the class will take on a life of its own from now on. Enough people have taught it, and enough people have taken it, that I think the course has enough momentum by itself to survive without needing sponsorship and evangelism. In fact, I'm hoping that it will evolve into a "scripting jam session" under certain circumstances-- watch this space...

All of the course materials are open source, so anyone is free to teach this class anywhere they like. Unfortunately, the materials are not exactly self-explanatory, so it helps to have been associated with a class once if you intend to teach it later.

So if you're coming to STAREast, consider signing up for the Scripting for Testers tutorial. We intend to provide thrills, chills, and spills for the discerning beginner.