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Writing About Testing participants

I took a poll of those interested so far in attending the second Writing About Testing peer conference May 13 and 14 and found that nine people are very seriously considering attending.  This is what they are thinking of discussing:

Lisa Crispin (CO)  new and emerging approaches since the publication of Agile Testing
Alan Page (WA) a new approach to test design, also personas for tester career roles
Marlena Compton  (Australia) ongoing research in visualization of software project data
Dawn Cannan  (NC) executable specifications within larger testing projects
Sylvia Killinen (CO) practicing software craftsmanship
Elena Yatzeck (IL) implementing DSLs for use by non-programmers
Shmuel Gershon (Israel) diverse approaches to writing about testing using personas
Charley Baker (CO) large-scale, Enterprise automation systems, open source
Marisa Burt (CO) EAI in Enterprise systems

Zeger Van Hese (Belgium) critical theory, etc.
Frank Cohen (CA) handling AJAX and Flex
Markus Gärtner (Germany) ATDD success stories, test estimation
Joey McAllister (CO)
There is one spot open.  The (fairly arbitrary) deadline for submissions is January 1. 

Anyone who would like to join the writing-about-testing mail list may submit a request.