Wednesday, October 08, 2008

testers as navigators

Not long ago Audrey Tang started working for Socialtext. It has been a remarkable experience, as Audrey is mostly fixing bugs based on bug reports submitted by our testers.

Audrey is in Taiwan and another of our testers is working from Bangladesh (although he is usually in Vancouver BC). Today they needed to hash out some details of a bug report so they shared a VNC session on a machine hosted in Palo Alto CA. It took only a couple of minutes to arrive at an agreement that the bug was fixed.

Audrey's comment in IRC really struck us all: " having an excellent qa team is like driving with a first-grade GPS navigation system :)"

We have worked very hard to create consistent, readable, executable bug reports for real, visible bugs. Having a developer as good as Audrey validate that work means a lot.


Shrini Kulkarni said...

>>> having an excellent qa team is like driving with a first-grade GPS navigation system :)

This is great statement. Something on the lines of what James Bach said "Testers are like "headlights" of the automible. They light the dark way".

I, however, suggest one "edit" to Tang's statement. He was probably reffering to excellant "testing" test team NOT excellant "qa" team.

I hope you would agree that it is more than symantics (between "testing" team and "qa" team). In some setups, it would be perfectly fine to use the words testing and qa interchangeably.

We should slowly move away from that and say "testing" when talk about testing.


Zach Fisher said...

Congrats on being recognized for being good at recognizing the not-so-good!

I'm still perplexed why a first-grader would need a GPS navigation system, but I guess they learn to drive earlier in Taiwan.

Chris McMahon said...

I think Audrey meant "first rate" or "first class". (At least I hope so...)

Audrey said...

Correct. English is not my first language (nor the second, nor the third), and it shows... :-)

TestWithUs said...
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