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The Software Artists: Citations for Part Three

Citations For the section “Practicing, Rehearsing,
and Performing Software”

Programmer, poet and guitarist Richard Gabriel's quote is from
his proposal for a Master of Fine Arts in Software:

Apple CEO Steve Jobs' quote is widely noted, but is documented
in context by Andy Hertzfeld here:

The practice/rehearse/perform rubric was first presented on the
author's blog in September 2007:

The title of this paper comes from the author's blog post of May
2007 in response to Jonathan Kohl's recommendation of theater
and musical experience for software testing:

A performance by Ella Fitzgerald and Count Basie available on
YouTube was a strong influence on this paper, cited in response
to another of Brian Marick's thoughtful blog posts:

Luke Closs of Socialtext is a performing juggler and an excellent
agile developer. His talk “Juggling for Geeks” is a fine

The author performed the jazz standard “These Foolish Things”
on a $25.00 green ukulele at the Developer-Tester/Tester-
Developer Summit at Google in Mountain View in February
2007, to demonstrate (as good software testers know) that is is
possible to produce excellent results even with inferior tools.