Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Boulder Ruby Group: telecommute panel Nov 14

I'll be part of a panel on distributed agile working/telecommuting/remote working tomorrow evening Nov 14.

If you can get to Boulder, stop in. If you're interested in following along, there'll be an IRC channel running. (probably freenode #socialtext, unless we change our minds.)

Also, I have a wiki dedicated to the topic. For tomorrow evening the wiki will be totally public. I intend for the wiki to stick around as a repository of information about working in distributed teams. Leave a comment or send an email if you'd like access to that wiki.

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Chad Woolley said...


I'm a ruby developer who does telecommuting and remote-pairing 75% of the time. I'd be interested in being involved in any discussions on this topic. I'll try to drop in on the IRC discussion tonight if I can, and wiki access would be great too.

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