Thursday, April 19, 2007

fine tools and beautiful machines

My new laptop for work arrived yesterday, and I've been spending the day getting it set up:

I've used Windows machines at work for my whole career, but I've always had Macs at home. It's going to be a real pleasure to use a Mac for work.

I had a birthday recently, and my wife completely surprised me with one of these, an Ibanez AG86:

It was on the wall at the local music store, and I would pull it down and play it every time I went in. A really well-made guitar, a pleasure to play, and a good value. Guitar is not my main instrument, but I've been motivated to try to cop a few Wes Montgomery tricks.

This computer and this guitar are both fine tools and are both beautiful machines. There is a time in every student's career when they have mastered enough skills that an excellent set of tools is required in order to advance. This seems to be that time.


alex said...
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alex said...
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Bineet said...

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