Monday, July 17, 2006

Another fine SOAP test tool

In a fit of coincidence and serendipity, I had a user report that the input string
è or à  
caused his Perl SOAP client to send crazy stuff to the server. My Ruby client also freaked out on this string, although not as badly:

XSD::ValueSpaceError: {}string: cannot accept 'è or à'.

but a project called "soapUI" announced a 1.6beta1 release today. I installed it, and it is not only a joy to use, but it handled the unicode input flawlessly. It's a Java app, and considering what an utter chore it is to get Java doing SOAP properly, the 1-click install was fantastic.

I'm not ready to turn in Ruby for my regression tests, but having an excellent Java SOAP client at hand is a great relief as these SOAP functions (and their users) become more sophisticated.

An interesting aspect of the soapUI project is that it seems to do load testing out of the box. I've cobbled together some nice load-profiling scripts in Ruby, but these functions in soapUI definitely bear investigation.


Nikita Knysh said...

I've recently posted a brief review of soapUI on my blog. You might want to take a look...

dserror said...

I've recently tried a new SOAP test tool named SOAPbox from Vordel company. It is very simple and have very good performance.
Did anyone already try it ?
You can download it here :

SoaMoaFan said...

Try also Soamoa:
SoaMoa is a new great SOAP testing tool. You can create Junit testcases and groovyws scripts from gui input. SoaMoa :

SoaMoaFan said...
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