Sunday, October 03, 2010

One Year Writing for

I generally do not post links to pay-wall or registration-wall sites, but today I am sincerely happy and proud to publish a link to

For each of the last twelve months, I have written at least two 1000-word articles for SSQ. In the last year, SSQ has published nearly forty individual pieces of mine, a book-size body of work.

I am sure some of those articles are better than others, but I wrote every one to the best of my ability with all sincerity, and I truly believe that every one of those articles contains at least one interesting idea intended to help people working in software testing and software development.

I would particularly like to thank my editors at SSQ, at first Jan Stafford, later Yvette Francino. The SSQ editorial staff is professional and efficient. Both Jan and Yvette have given me an enormous amount of freedom and encouragement over the last year, and it has been a real pleasure working with them both. I especially appreciate their tolerance on the few occasions when I pushed that freedom to the limit.

I would also like to thank the Writing About Testing mail list. A great number of people on that list have been immensely helpful, freely giving comments and constructive criticism, providing new ideas, and just being generally smart and encouraging human beings. In the very near future we will be announcing the CFP for the second Writing About Testing conference in the spring, which should bring even more new ideas and new voices into the public discussion of software development and testing.

Finally, I want to thank Matt Heusser specifically. Matt introduced me to SSQ a year ago. I would never have had this opportunity if it were not for his generosity.


Philk said...

Apart from fame and fortune, what have you got out of this ?
What drives you to be able to keep on writing ?

I hope you do keep on as they always make me think - is that what you want from your articles or do you want more ?

Yvette said...

You certainly have been a wonderful contributor to SSQ. It's always a pleasure getting one of your articles, and requires very little editing on my part. It's funny how the relationship between writer and editor can be a lot like that between development and test. It has the potential to either be contentious or a great partnership. I'm glad our is the latter. And I also have Matt to thank for his role in recommending me for the site editor position at SSQ!

Chris McMahon said...

Phil: there is certainly an aspect of fame and fortune involved, but a couple of other things keep me going also.

For one thing, I like having an audience. I like building communities of shared interest, and writing a lot is a way to help bring about a community like that.

For another thing, I have been part of various open source communities since before I ever started working in software. I believe strongly in giving away one's best ideas.

Finally, the discipline required to publish a body of work like I have over the past year has been good for my soul.

It makes me happy to hear that my work makes you think. Every once in a while I hear that something that I have written has influenced the work of someone else. That is an incredibly rewarding experience.

Lisa said...

So, the reason you don't write a book is?... (though I wonder - will books be made irrelevant by so much good, timely content on the web?)

TestWithUs said...
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